M'Fay Patterns designs, manufactures, and markets window treatment patterns. We have been in business since 1990 selling to customers in 50 states as well as Canada, England, Puerto Rico, Thailand, Jamaica, Brazil, Columbia, Mexico, Indonesia, Zimbabwe, Japan and Australia. Our patterns are sold direct to workrooms, designers, and home sewers. Also, many fabric stores in the US now stock and sell M'Fay Patterns. Click on Locations to find a store near you.

Our full size patterns are on durable white paper with detailed step-by-step instructions. Alteration instructions, yardage guides, fabric suggestions and workroom hints are also included. Some of these patterns have been designed with the professional drapery workroom in mind.

Our goal is to offer patterns that work, even for the most difficult styles that remain so much in demand. Our "So Beautiful, Sew Easy" patterns are designed for the less experienced seamstress. Patterns marked "Easy to Make!" are not only easy, but quick. All groups enable you to achieve a quality professional look. New patterns are always being designed.

Where did the name come from?Many people have asked: Where did the M’Fay name come from, and how is it pronounced?

It is, actually, a childhood nickname given to Marylan Fay. The apostrophe indicates the omission of the letters in the first name. The nickname was acquired because in the 1940’s and 50’s, in the deep south, people were most often addressed by their first and middle name. Sometimes a shorter version was created out of practicality.

The M is pronounced like the first syllable in the word “Marine” (Ma-rine). The same sound comes from the first syllable in the word “Machine” (Ma-chine). Too often people mispronounce it M-Fay or Mac Fay.

M’Fay’s love and talent for sewing actually began at age 2. She loved to sit on her mother’s lap, at the sewing machine, and watch her hands work. By age 5, she was operating the machine herself with very little help. She did, however, have to stand in order to pedal the machine (it was not electric). It was at this time her mother cut out a simple doll dress pattern for her to work with, and she actually sold some of these doll dresses for 5 cents to childhood friends.

It was in her teenage years that she began working part time with her sister, Betty. Betty already had a very successful workroom business and was the greatest teacher M’Fay ever had.

Together they opened a retail shop and workroom in Huntsville, AL in 1970. In 1980 M’Fay’s husband was relocated and they moved to Charlotte, NC. It was sad not having her sister to work with and so M’Fay elected to establish her workroom in her home and work alone. She built a very successful workroom business, involving the best designers in the city.

She began writing patterns in 1990, while still operating her workroom. Since 1992 she has been devoting all of her time to M'Fay Patterns.

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